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How to book the date for biometrics in inPOL account?

By Residence Angels

Relocation Company in Poland

What is inPOL portal for foreigners?

In 2022 Immigration Office of Warsaw introduced new solution which was aimed to help foreigners to book the date for fingerprints in Warsaw and became main communication platform between foreigner and government.

Through inPOL website you can:

1) Complete the application correctly and completely;

2) Attach documents relevant to your case;

4) Make an appointment at the office to submit documents and provide fingerprints;

5) Check the status of your case at any time and from anywhere.

Due to a huge amount of TRC applications and traffic inPOL system is failing to show the dates tokens.
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We heard many time bout cases when people could spend months to book the dates there and finally decided to submit the documents by post. This is bad option.

How to book the date?

1) Correct registration of inPol account

After setting up an account with inPOL, you will be able to create cases about any legalization issue you need to solve (Temporary or Permanent Residence Permit, Citizenship). Then you have access to the archive of documents that have been collected in your case, including those that the Office sent to you in the course of the proceedings.

If you provided your e-mail address and telephone number during account registration, you will be informed about it via SMS and e-mail each time the Office sends you a summons.

We encourage you to use the inPOL Portal, the functionality of which will allow you to shorten the time of procedures at the Department for Foreigners. Moreover we never suggest to submit documents by post. Do it with sense of mind and respect to your time. Sometimes it is better to waste 1 month of time for booking the slot in inPOL than to waste 6 months for waiting postal invitation for Biometrics.

2) Monitoring of tokens

Slots for appointments are appearing every day between 8:00 - 18:00. There is no specific time when it should appear. Every week is different. When tokens are appearing thousands of people start to book it. Then system is shutting down and in some cases you will not be able even to enter your account. Captcha becomes more hard and slow to get refreshed. All of this will remind you true action. So, by failing of system you need to understand that this is you signal to act. Do not use public wifi and laptop. Use phone and LTE. It will help you to get through blockings.

we can help you

We have a team which monitors the tokens non-stop and can help you to book the slot in 3 business days.

We will need your login & password to access your account and then we start to act. The cost of this service is 350 zł which you can pay to our business account. Your data during service and payment is fully secured.

If you really like how we work during this service, you can hire us for further proceeding of your case.

You can make the payment and start the service online in 2 minutes. We respect your time:
Frequently Asked Questions about InPol System