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PCC - Police Clearance Certificate Poland

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PCC - Police Clearance Certificate Poland
Embarking on a new chapter in a foreign country requires meticulous planning, and one essential document that expatriates often need is the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). This guide explores the multifaceted reasons individuals require a PCC in Poland, delving into the application process, its significance for foreigners, and how Residence Angels can facilitate the procedure with multilingual customer support in English, Nepali, and Hindi.

How to Obtain Police Clearance Certificate for foreigner?

When it comes to obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Poland, you have three distinct methods to choose from. Here's a breakdown of each process:

1.Personal Application at Criminal Register Station.
2.Online Application with Trusted EPUAP Profile: This option is only available if you possess a trusted profile; otherwise, it is not applicable.
3.Office Assistance – Hiring Our Services:

  • Hire our office to facilitate the PCC application process in Poland.
  • We will provide a relevant power of attorney for your authorization.
  • Forward the power of attorney to us.
  • Our office will represent you throughout the application.
  • Once completed, we will obtain the PCC on your behalf.
  • We can deliver the Police Clearance Certificate to you, even if you are residing abroad.

Our contacts:
📞 +48 574 266 399
🔎 Poland, Warsaw, Marszałkowska 89 (2nd floor)

Whether you prefer the hands-on approach at the Criminal Register Station, the convenience of an online application with a trusted EPUAP profile, or the assistance of our office, we offer versatile solutions to ensure a smooth process of obtaining your Police Clearance Certificate in Poland

Why Foreigners Need PCC in Poland

Foreigners may find the need for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Poland arising in various scenarios. The certificate becomes particularly relevant for individuals holding a Polish visa or Residence Card who decide to relocate to another European country. Here are several reasons why a PCC from Poland may be required in such situations:

  1. Job Application: Prospective employers in the new European country may request a PCC from Poland as part of the employment verification process.
  2. Bank Account Opening: When opening a bank account in the new country, financial institutions may require a PCC from Poland as a measure to assess an individual's reliability.
  3. EU Residence Card Application: Individuals seeking a Residence Card in another European Union (EU) country may be asked to provide a PCC from Poland as part of the application process.
  4. Visa Application: Some countries outside the EU may require a PCC from Poland as a supporting document for visa applications, demonstrating a clean criminal record.
  5. Rental Agreement Signing: Landlords in the new country may request a PCC from Poland as part of the documentation required for signing a rental agreement, ensuring the safety and credibility of tenants.
  6. Travel to Certain Countries: Certain countries may require a PCC from Poland as part of the entry requirements for travelers, even for short visits.

In summary, obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate from Poland becomes essential for foreigners transitioning to another European country. Whether for employment, financial transactions, residency applications, visa requirements, rental agreements, or international travel, having a PCC from Poland serves as a testament to an individual's clean criminal record, facilitating a smooth integration process in the new environment.

Residence Angels' Multilingual Support

The customer support offered by Residence Angels in English, Nepali, and Hindi caters to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of expatriates. This ensures effective communication and assistance throughout the application process, easing language barriers.