Are you a company that employs foreigners?

We have a present for you
Your HR department has to know that the failure of immigration lawyer who is assisting your employees with getting residence permit in Poland can lead to negative consequences especially considering the fact that you could spend up to 20,000 zł for location of one qualified employee.

Residents Angels clearly understand this problem because we are assisting our corporate customers for 7 years with relocation services in Poland.

We know that hiring of a new immigration company may bring some difficulties for the structure in your company therefore we offer the entry bonus of 3,000 zł.

It will help you to test our services risk free.

Look how happy are our clients.

Your employees can be among them!

We love our work because it has big value for our customers and brings a lot of lights into the life as expats in Poland.
We are serving individual customers and companies who employ foreigners. Do you want to get reliable service in Poland? Contact our support.
After getting of Residence Permit in Poland they travel in EU for work purposes, grow career, make business or simply feel more safe in Poland!
"We are welcoming you to cooperate with us."
Vladyslav Yeremiy, CEO of Residence Angels
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