RA Loyalty Program Winter Edition #1.0

4th January - 28th February, 2024
Welcome to the exciting opportunity presented by Residence Angels' Loyalty Program, designed to reward our valued partners and their friends! Here's what you need to know about this wonderful chance to benefit while helping others:

1. Referral Bonus for You and your friend: If you refer a client to us and explain our pricing policy, leading them to use our service, you will receive a commission of 150 zł from the total fee of the TRC assistance service that your referred individual pays for. Additionally, your referred client will also benefit from a 150 zł discount. This offer is exclusive to the fully paid service fees for TRC assistance related to work, study, business, or family. For any other services, you and your referred friend will each receive a fixed commission of 5%.

2. Limited Time Offer: Please note that this Loyalty Program is available until the end of February 2024. This is the perfect time to maximize your referral potential and make the most of this program.

3. How to apply: For more details about this program or to start referring, please reach out to us via WhatsApp. We're excited to have you onboard and to see you benefit from this program.

4. How do we process payouts: Your commission will be paid to you within 14 days after we receive the full payment for the service. In cases where the payment is made in installments, your commission will be processed 14 days after the final installment from your client is deposited into our bank account.

This is a wonderful opportunity for both you and your friends to enjoy the benefits of our immigration services. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to save and earn through your referrals. Join us in this journey and make the most of your connections with Residence Angels' Loyalty Program!

Look how happy are our clients.

We love to help them.

We love our work because it has big value for our customers and brings a lot of lights into the life as expats in Poland.
After getting of Residence Permit in Poland they travel in EU for work purposes, grow career, make business or simply feel more safe in Poland!
We are serving individual customers and companies who employ foreigners. Do you want to get reliable service in Poland? Contact our support.

Confident in Us:

Why Your Friends' Cases are Safe

Our multilingual team speaks Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Hindi, Nepali, and Indonesian, reflecting our international expertise. With immigration experience dating back to 2017, we specialize in all types of residence permits, including handling illegal stays in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights. We're EURA-certified, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Our loyalty features are designed to delight our customers, ensuring satisfaction with our services. Once you obtain a residence permit through us, you become a lifelong customer, a testament to the trust we've built over the years.