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PBH visa Poland | Full guide

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What is PBH in Poland?

Are you an engineer or have experience working in IT? Considering a move to Poland? We can assist you in navigating through a streamlined visa process that will enable you and your family to move to Poland. Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, or Ukraine looking to obtain a visa under the Poland.Business Harbour program are subject to a simplified visa procedure.

How to Apply for PBH visa for Poland?

Required documents

  • A completed and signed national visa application.
  • A current biometric photo.
  • A passport issued within the last 10 years, valid for at least three months beyond the planned return date, and with at least two blank pages for visas.
  • Health insurance for the visa duration (minimum coverage of €30,000). Information about insurers and their policies that meet the conditions specified in Section 1 Point 2 Letter a and Section 1b of the Act of December 12, 2013, on Foreigners can be found in guidance from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Documentation proving the purpose of travel:
  • For IT specialists: a document confirming technical education in IT or at least one year of experience in the IT industry, along with proof of interest from one of the program's partner companies (a recommended declaration template is available for download at the bottom of the page). Translation of documents into Polish is not required.
  • For startup founders: a document confirming qualification for the Poland Prize program.
  • For small/medium/large business owners: a document confirming qualification for the program by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Application process for PBH

The Poland.Business Harbour (PBH) visa is issued only once by consulate. During its validity, applicants must apply for temporary residence at a provincial office. Due to waiting times for such decisions, it's advisable to register at the provincial office early in the visa's validity period. A PBH visa can be reissued only in justified cases, where circumstances are beyond the visa holder's control and not caused by them. The consulate will assess each case individually to determine the validity of reissuing the visa.

When applying for another PBH visa, the consul may require the applicant to provide documents confirming registration for social security in Poland or other proof of earning taxable income in Poland. Additionally, a document confirming registration or residence address in Poland might be required. For family members, similar documents from the employee of the company participating in the Program should be presented.

PBH visa Poland by PAIH

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is a state agency dedicated to supporting foreign direct investment in Poland. We have established a dedicated team of experienced experts specifically for entrepreneurs, ensuring a smooth process in relocating business activities, including:

  • Formal and Legal Advisory: Assistance with the formalities of transferring or establishing a company branch, including legal advice.
  • Investment Location and Office Finding: Help in identifying the optimal investment location and finding office space.
  • Business Partner Identification: Assistance in finding potential business partners.
  • Market and Sector Information Preparation:
  • General and sector-specific information (including macroeconomic aspects, legal and tax foundations, cultural aspects).
  • Specialized legal, business, and investment reports for investors from selected markets.
  • Support in gathering information necessary for office or investment location choices, real estate market analysis, stakeholder communication, and meeting organization.
  • Reports on local labor market or sector specialization in specific regions.
  • Location Consulting: Advice on greenfield and brownfield projects, and preparation of office space offers.
  • Investment Incentives Information:
  • Details on public assistance rules for new investment projects.
  • Preparation of available support instruments (tax exemptions + grants) for new investments.
  • B2B Meeting Organization:
  • Arranging individual meetings with potential partners and service providers.
  • Access to a business mixer and business matchmaking.
  • Administration Contact Support:
  • Investor support in dealings with public administration, including visa and residency legalization issues.
  • Interaction support with local governments.
  • Communication Support:
  • Promotion of investors and investments managed by PAIH through the Agency's communication channels (including website, social media).

PAIH is committed to providing comprehensive support to investors, facilitating every step of their investment journey in Poland.


How to obtain PBH in Poland from Poland?

The Poland.Business Harbour (PBH) visa cannot be applied for directly from within Poland. This visa is exclusively issued by Polish consulates in the specific countries mentioned earlier. If you're interested in the PBH program and are currently in Poland, you would need to apply through a Polish consulate in one of the eligible countries.

Can i leave Poland with PBH?

The Poland.Business Harbour (PBH) visa is a national 'D' type visa valid for up to 365 days. This visa grants you the flexibility to enter any country within the European Union. However, it's important to note that the primary expectation is for you to reside in Poland, especially since the visa is granted with this intention.

If you obtain a PBH visa but decide not to join the company in Poland or leave the country to stay elsewhere in the EU, the company you were supposed to join in Poland has the right to inform the border police. While the PBH visa does allow for work-related travel within the EU, it does not permit permanent residence in any EU country other than Poland.

It's crucial to adhere to the legal requirements of the PBH visa and remain in Poland, the country that granted you the visa. Staying compliant with these rules ensures that you respect the terms of your visa and avoid potential legal complications.