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Why Must the Employer Indicate the Longest Possible Employment Period in Attachment No. 1?

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The answer is very simple – it allows your employee to obtain a residence card for the maximum possible period. In our practice, there are situations where the employer indicates a period of 6 months or 1 year. There is no risk for the company if the employment period specified in Attachment No. 1 of the application is longer. We recommend indicating:

  1. For an indefinite period
  2. For a period of 3 years

Or simply, from the "from" date, it should be 3 years. This does not mean that the Voivode will definitely issue a temporary residence permit for 3 years (which is the maximum), as there are other conditions that must be met. However, this period serves as a basis for considering other conditions as well.

Other factors that the Voivode considers when determining the future residence period include:

  1. Whether the company is in arrears with tax payments or ZUS contributions,
  2. Whether the company is newly established,
  3. Whether the employee has previously held a residence card and complied with the obligation to inform the Voivode of changes in residence, work, studies, etc.,
  4. Whether there are no errors or discrepancies in the documents provided by the employer.

We have been serving foreigners and companies employing foreigners in Poland for 7 years and have practical knowledge of legalization procedures. Each case is individual and can be processed differently in terms of time and procedure (inspector summons, artificial delays). To avoid any possibility of a negative decision, many details must be taken care of.
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