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Residence Angels at Garba Night in Warsaw

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We Celebrate Cultural Diversity at Garba Night in Warsaw

Residence Angels, a company renowned for its commitment to embracing diverse cultures and fostering global connections, had the privilege of being invited to the vibrant 'Garba Night' in Warsaw on 14th October 2023. This invitation, extended by our esteemed Indian clients, not only symbolized a deepening of our professional relationships but also offered us an opportunity to immerse in the rich tapestry of Indian culture right here in Warsaw.

What is Garba Night?

Garba Night is a traditional Indian festival, celebrated with fervor during Navaratri, a nine-night Hindu festival. Originally from the state of Gujarat, Garba is both a devotional and a social event. It involves performing a dance that is both simple in its steps and deeply spiritual in its significance. Participants, dressed in colorful traditional attire, dance around a centrally lit lamp or a statue of the Goddess Shakti, symbolizing the divine essence of life.

Residence Angels at Garba Night

As representatives of Residence Angels, we were enthralled by the energetic atmosphere and the warm welcome. Our team, some dressed in traditional Indian garb, joined in the dances, learning the steps from our gracious hosts and fellow attendees. The experience was not only fun but enlightening, offering us a glimpse into the rich cultural practices of our Indian clients.

The night was also an opportunity for team building and strengthening our cross-cultural communication skills. Engaging with people from diverse backgrounds, sharing stories, and celebrating together underlined the essence of what Residence Angels stands for – unity in diversity.


Our participation in Garba Night in Warsaw was more than just an evening of dance and festivity. It was a reaffirmation of Residence Angels' commitment to cultural inclusivity and our ongoing journey towards becoming a truly global company. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Indian clients for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to more such experiences that bring different cultures together.